About Us

International Club's logo

International Club’s logo

International Club is a former club of Virginia Institute of Technology and, since August of 2012, a non-profit corporation headquartered in Washington, D.C.

We at International Club are about to,

  • Give the general public access to international education and job skills training
  • Promote open access to information
  • Provide leadership opportunities
  • Build international understanding and multicultural awareness

Currently, we offer a few venues for your participation – please choose one or more,

  1. You may join our leadership team
  2. You may launch your new career with us through our HOTCOE (which stands for Hands-On Training & Career Opportunities for Everyone) Career programs
  3. You may organize or participate in our events

We focuse on the enhancement of the international experience. Our objective is to assist our members to exchange, practice and enrich themselves in this experience – socializing, volunteering, employment, education, training, and/or something else, which part would be multicultural topics and national values and knowledge.

Please, keep in touch and feel free to share any other thoughts on to how we could make our lives more exciting and meaningful. Make yourself home – welcome to International Club!

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